Sunday, September 14, 2008

not a game of tag.

I don't think these conversations will ever disappear...
I encountered such an awkward conversation this weekend...sitting @ a family thing, someone once again asked what I was going to do. Ministry, shelter, social work....was my response. Didn't go over so well. Did you know nurses are in high demand? Did you know nurses can start out at $75,000?

Some people will never understand me and I guess thats okay. Its not about money. Its not about following the world's standard of success. My life will never be about all that...

I have this desperate need to reach people. To tell them of the love their Creator has for them. To tell them of the hope they can find in Christ. To explain to them that its not a game of tag...

The church today is filled with so much hypocrisy...its disgusting. Those in the worship band, ushers, Sunday school teachers, and even pastors teach and live one way in church and as soon as the doors open to the world....they are living like they did before they were saved. Christians no longer are true Christians, but instead those of the world in disguise trying to get somewhere within a lie. It has to stop. Its not the way the church is suppose to be.

Our God is a faithful God of forgiveness and He forgives time and time again. But one cannot continuously sin, knowing it is wrong, and expect God to say "okay, I forgive you, try not to do it again." Christians think they can hide their sin in their pockets while in church, so no one will see it. Thinking they are lifting up clean hands before God and the church, but stains are all over them. God wants to continue to chase us, but we have to slow down so He can catch us.

As my pastor said, "If God is our God, then why do we consistently live like the world?"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

jamie makes it clear.

Jamie, my little sister, has been such a blessing in my life.

Though she cannot talk or walk, the impact she has on people's lives is incredible. Teachers, preachers, grocery-store workers, nurses, therapists, etc. know and adore Jamie; they know she is something to be treasured, a true blessing. Tonight, I was thinking/praying about some things and God revealed to me some pretty incredible stuff.

No matter what I do, Jamie still loves. If I get aggravated at her or can't seem to find the time to play with her, she still absolutely adores me. Many times I don't deserve this love, but she continuously cares about me. It is quite comforting to think about this is the way our Father loves us. There is nothing, NOTHING, we can do to make Him love us any less or any more. Of course, none of us are perfect, but He loves us the same. We don't deserve it. But we desperately need this love. This love mends the broken hearted, comforts the lonely, and dries the tears of the hurting.

No matter how independent Jamie becomes she still needs me. She still needs her sister to play with her, to listen to her "praise-song" video over and over, and to rock her (even though she is sixteen :)). Me and Jamie are dependent on each other in many ways. I definately would not be the same without her in my life; my goals would be changed, my views on things probably would be turned around. This is similar to our relationship with God. We NEED much. I know, I cannot go on somedays without Him right by my side. And He loves to hear our praises to Him, to see us doing everything we can to stay in His will, and to know how much we love Him.

Jamie is more than my sister, she is a miracle.
Overcoming the discouraging words of doctors and proving herself to therapists each and everyday; her life speaks of the goodness of the Father.He has never forsaken us in the fights we have been through with Jamie and remains faithful to this day.

Call me crazy, but I still believe Jamie will being a walking testimony one day telling the world of the faithfulness of God, performing the miracle that He promised many years ago.

My sweet sissy makes life a little clearer.