Sunday, August 15, 2010

a year.

a year makes quite the difference.

summer 2009.
summer 2010.

last summer. i never quite imagined i would be here. i was so nervous about starting GSW. but no one knew that. i didn't quite know how to speak up for my Savior in a classroom full. i was 21. i wanted out of here. i wanted to see a movement. i wanted to be that change. honestly, i was fearful. and that's all there is to it. i didn't know what this year would look like. i had NO idea what to expect.

this summer. i was that change. i want to BE the movement of Christ to the nations. to this city. to that campus. i am 22.i go into this semester confident in my Jesus, knowing its His story not mine. i know i will be laughed at and asked the hard questions but i also know that i can handle it with Him at my side. i got introduced as "she is really into missions and outreach. like REALLY into it." this makes me feel like i may be going in the right direction. it's all Him anyways.

i think my life scares people.
well, my dreams do. that was evident tonight.

and i NEVER imagined that this picture would define my life at 22. senior year of college.

God, You are too good to me.