Saturday, February 14, 2015

love on Valentine's Day.

walking into a sea of red and pink used to generate feelings of self-doubt & loneliness and I am quite sure I am not alone.

you see---I actually love this holiday. for a twenty-something that has been perpetually single for twenty-something years I fill social media with "I love love" and tell people all the time about how much I love this thing called L-O-V-E.

it's beautiful, y'all.
I am single and I will still shout it from the rooftops---love is good. it is beautiful.

but--our world has sorta kinda really made it an ugly thing for a lot of people.

love isn't teddy bears and roses. it isn't chocolate and a paid ticket to the movies. love isn't going to Olive Garden and waiting 2 hours for pasta that is only semi-okay and a dessert that you really didn't even want. love just isn't that.

love is waiting on God.

waiting on God to bring that person---yes. but not just sitting around.


you can write letters to your future spouse but do not let that become the focus of your life.
God has a PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE. and until that person comes into your life fulfill that. do what God has called you to do.

whoever God has for you will desire for you to desire God more than them.
pray that for future spouse right now. that they will be focused on Christ right now and desire to do His will.

you will begin to see love differently.

love comes in many forms.
don't allow yourself to put love in a box this season.

love is a pastor praying for you when you are sick.
love is your friend buying you lunch.
love is a random text from a friend from college you haven't heard from in a while.
love is listening to music you don't like because your cousin likes it.
love is your Dad helping you clean.
love is a handwritten note.
love is an email from an African orphanage.
love is praying for someone that you may not know.
love is giving your last few dollars of cash to someone you met on the street.
love is a smile to a stranger.
love is encouraging someone.
love is knowing you are known by God.

I hope you feel loved. every single day.