Friday, April 23, 2010

its a puzzle.

some random happenings in my life.

1. i have a huge book to read this weekend. and one to finish. oh, on a side note this book is is made of plastic. i stuck it in the sink last night. waterproof all the way.

2. i'm thankful for friends who care enough to tell me what font to use on an assessment. it may seem small but it was needed and so very appreciated:)

3. i am convinced He cares way more about the journey. who we are. and who we influence. than what our title is.

4. my best friend lives in the same city as me and i talk to people 8 hours away more than her. life HAS to slow down at some point.

5. He's shaking up my world. and some days it freaks me out. and some days i am ready for my world to be turned upside down. ready or not...

6. my dad asked me tonight about a lady we saw. he asked her name. her story. and if she had somewhere to stay. i think he is beginning to accept my heart is not the norm. i think he's proud. i think he's scared to death. i think he knows that He is in control.

7. my small group rocks. and those women have HUGE callings on their lives. we will probably never all be sitting in that living room like we were last night again. and that scares me. in a good way. and i like that we constantly talk about Uganda. and orphanages. and adopting. they get me like no one else ever will. well, except one.

8. i think He has already orchestrated things like He wants them. and i know that. i see it. its too much to realize sometimes. because its rather insane. some people will never believe it. but some already do.

9. i like direct messages on twitter more than anyone should.

10. i wish i was brave enough to get out of this grey area. but its better for Him to work out the details anyways.

school is almost over for the semester. i feel like everything i have done has been in vain. i'm exhausted. being at war is no fun. but this is what i am certain of...chaos will occur on that campus and when it does...He will be cheering on His throne.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


my weekend consisted mostly of sociological statistics formal assessment. sounds fun, righ?
ehhhh, negative...
i was going to be at this. but driving 6 hours by myself didn't quite sound so appealing the closer it got. and jaye, only the coolest pastor's wife i know, told me it wasn't allowed:)
(via @worshipvj)
ticket purchased.
emotions heightened.
annnnndddd no one else could get a ticket because it sold out.
story of this girl's life.
mark my day i will meet Beth Moore. promise.
my weekend did have some much needed elements in it.
.like dinner with katy, sam, graham, braley, anna, lindsey, jordan, chris fenner, kyle, erica, tyler, alec, anna 2, and cara. yes, we took up a big table. :)
..sleeping for more than 4 hours was also nice.
...Georgia had PERFECT weather this weekend.
....relay for life.
.....greenbriar. mexican. angels and airwaves. and 1204B completed it.
oh, some of my best friends are GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!!! <-----i can hardly stand it i am so excited for them.
and getting to have a part in some of the most incredible high-school girls lives around makes life beautiful. these girls get it. like honestly get it. and it makes me proud. we can talk in the car about how they will avoid creepers. and then one of them wanted to understand sociology today...and that made this heart smile. God has HUGE things for them to do. they are a little piece of a revolution coming out of this place. stoked.
i might be over college. but i am not over what God is doing all around me. He's too good to me, i tell ya. too good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

his or mine? and does it really matter?

okay. i don't like to talk about this. because it gets intense. and awkward fast.


i have to let this out.

recently, i have been hearing more and more of the women in my life talk about not going to school for this reason: supporting their husbands and being submissive to his desires/God's will for his life. and raising their children to fear God and not care about what the world says.

let's tackle this slowly. and with care.

i understand that not everyone is made for college.

God uses people all the time without one ounce of college. and most days..i wish He would come on down and tell me to quit. the idea of that scares me to death but it would be a beautiful thing.

here's my problem with that: i don't like the idea of changing your passions and goals in life because the person that you are attracted to has completely different passions and goals. i think when its the right person...your hearts will be synced...and His plans for your lives just mesh together. i have seen it happen...a lot. and it is an amazing thing. absolutely amazing.

your hobbies will probably be different. you might like the beach and he might like the mountains. but i know that i know that i know that the important things...will be synced.

i think we should support our husbands FULLY and with compassion. i am just saying that using that as an excuse sometimes just does not cut it.

maybe all of this is radical for the South. but come on. God can use a woman just like He can use a man. and what if the woman is the one in the ministry and not the husband? and what if they are both in the ministry? what if they are both missionaries with completely different job titles? what if they sometimes have to live apart for a few weeks at a time? i think He takes care of all this. and that takes a huge weight off of us.

and the whole raising your kids to fear and obey God. i don't think you have to be a stay at home mom to do that. and i certainly think someone with a college degree can do a fine job of it.

there is a huge piece of my heart that hopes that i can stay home with my kids. and this might be in a mud hut. or airport. or might be some other random location. but this is what i know, wherever we are, God is there. and whatever we are doing, He is watching and listening out for His children. living with a white picket fence, waiting on your husband to get home with his not exactly raising your children to fear God.

i think it takes more courage to go to school. get that degree you probably will never use.

and show your kids that obeying God might be moving away from those you love. and fearing God might be loving Him so much that you cannot stand not to move to that place you really don't even want to visit.

i think when we follow Him completely. obey Him. take Him at His word. and trust the passions He has made our desires in our hearts...the details SO do not matter.

your husband might have to be okay with supporting you too. your kids might not always be the same color. and your family will look at you like you are insane. but the cool thing is...everyone thought Jesus was crazy too.

your thoughts are VERY much needed.